秦理事长:爱向未来,赋予世界美好 Chairman Chin: A Better World, With More Love

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Editor's note: Zhejiang Xinhua Compassion Education Foundation (“XHEF" in short form) has been established for more than a decade. Facing an ever-changing era, how should XHEF move forward in the education charity journey? Mr. Chin Jonghwa, the Executive Chairman, shared with us:




How to develop in the future?

We are in an era of real change, the world will become completely different in the next 4 to 5 years. Our beneficiaries (pearl students) will be under a lot of pressure after graduation, and Xinhua will always take action to help them better move into the future. 



We want to help more people find the "pearl" inside them and influence them, taking the initiative to empathize and love everyone, and empower more people to grow by helping others. No matter where we are, we should help out when others are in need and treat them with service mentality. Looking into the future, we need to foresee what it may hold, then leverage our own strengths and do our best.




Let’s continue to cultivate and become more professional:

2019 was a year of endeavor and progress, and 2020, the year of final battle against poverty. The public welfare sector also ushers in new challenges. We believe that XHEF could contribute to achieving the common goal of poverty alleviation in education area with the efforts of "small screws" (all staff).



In order to stay competitive in the future, each one at XHEF has to strive for the best in our field of expertise. XHEF will continue to cultivate each education charity project, giving love to more people in need, helping students of all ages to find their own interests and specialized fields, so that everyone has his/her  own core competence.Empowering charity to make the world a better place.




Let’s join hands and walk in love

As full-time social workers, we need to fill ourselves with love, because only love takes us everywhere. We will continue to explore the needs of beneficiaries and support their growth with love, knowledge and skills. We shall reinforce our connections with partners and donors to optimize resources and match where they are most needed. XHEF also needs to empower our own staff so that they will develop holistically in their professional fields and have a promising future. To love others, let’s start from loving ourselves.



Love starts from ourselves and our neighbors!

Thank you for your companionship along the way, let’s join hands and walk in love, so that more lives will be changed because of love and education.







Mr. Chin Jong-Hwa

Founding Director (2007) & Executive Chairman (since 2015) of XHEF.

Founder of Minth Group (HKSE: 0425),Chairman of Taiwanese Business and Enterprises Committee of Zhejiang Province.

Chairman of Taiwanese Business and Enterprises Committee of Zhejiang Province, Overseas Chinese Affairs Consultant of Ningbo CPPCC, Board Member of Ningbo Polytechnic.

Honorary Citizen of Ningbo, Jiaxing and Huai’an.


电话:(0573)82582258 82582229





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